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Culture & Communications Manager


This position is primarily responsible for implementing and managing people experience programs that will promote the TDA employer brand, develop a motivated workforce through implementing engagement initiatives aligned with TDA’s cultural strategies, and embed the TDA brand tone of voice across our internal and external communications touchpoints.


• Define our employee value proposition to ensure we attract and retain top talents by establishing values, culture, and an environment where people can thrive and achieve their highest potential.

• Communicate the employee value proposition through multichannel campaigns and creative social media content to attract and engage top talents aligned with our mission.

• Develop internal campaigns to build brand affinity and advocacy amongst our team members, ensuring all programs are rooted in our brand values and championed by brand ambassadors.

• Support Talent Acquisition to build our candidate pipelines through a mix of channels (social media, events, partnerships), tailoring our approach to attract talent across a range of roles and seniority levels.

• Use data to monitor the effectiveness of internal and external campaigns/programs to ensure continuous optimization, reduced time to deliver and maximum ROI.

• Ensure consistent compliance to company policies by reinforcing disciplinary process in accordance to Labor Law



• Employer Brand Management

• Employee, Labor & Industry Relations

• Compelling Communication

• Event Management

• Driving Results

• Guiding Team Success

• Planning & Organizing

Motivational Fit

• Thrives in fun & collaboration

• Willingness for challenging work

• Detail- orientation

• High Involvement Leader

Knowledge Areas

TDA Mission, Vision and Values

TDA Business, Operations & Policies

Industry and technology-related knowledge

Basic understanding of Philippine Labor Code

• Basic Business Management knowledge

• Proficiency in MS Office

Work Experience

• Candidate must possess at least a college degree in the field of Mass Communication, Advertising, Media, Psychology, or Human Resourcesor related to the field and industry

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