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Animate CC & Harmony Rigger


A rigger converts the client provided materials as digital files of the moving elements such as characters, props and visual effects. They make sure that these files are ready for animator’s use. Tracing and rigging are the two main components of library.


• Converts the image files of characters, props and libraries into vectored files utilizing digital software (ex. Harmony and Flash).

• Breaking the parts of characters, props and visual effects into separate layers following the show requirements in preparation for animation.

• Give and receive constructive and creative feedback

• Collaborate with the members of the team.


A. Competencies

• Tracing and rigging using digital software

• Drawing

• Contributing to team success

• Work standards

• Client focus


B. Motivational Fit

• Interest/passion for animation, design and art

• Detail-orientation

• Openness for continued learning (new technology, style, process, platform)

• Willingness for challenging work (possible long hours, deadlines, etc)

• Fulfillment for high quality work

C. Knowledge Areas

• Proper separation and layering and pivot setting of the characters.

• Digital software such as harmony, flash and Photoshop

• TDA Production process

• TDA Vision, Mission and Values

D. Work Experience

• Animation work experience in TV, movies, commercial, video game production studios, production and/or ad agency

• Has worked in a team on time-bounded projects

• Diploma or degree in animation, media arts, graphic design, fine arts, architecture or related field

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