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Animate CC & Harmony Animator


An animator creates an extensive series of images that form the animation seen in TV or movies. In TDA, they may further concentrate on a specific area, such as characters, key posing, or tweening based on parameters set by the client.  Animators typically use specialist software to do their work. They are a part of a project team consisting of creative & production members collaborating closely to deliver projects the TDA way.


  • Interpret expressive character animation portraying a wide range of acting and action scenes
  • Comprehend and execute direction from the department/team lead or animation director following client requirements (style, materials, show brand)
  • Create high-quality animations by utilizing both traditional animation and digital software
  • Give and receive constructive, creative feedback such as Handout stage, fix ups and retakes
  • Collaborate with the members of the project team


A. Competencies

  1. Animation using specialist software
  2. Drawing
  3. Contributing to Team Success
  4. Work Standards
  5. Client Focus

B. Motivational Fit

  1. Interest/passion for animation, design and art.
  2. Detail- orientation
  3. Openness for continued learning (new technology, style, process, platform)
  4. Willingness for challenging work (possible long hours, deadlines, etc)
  5. Fulfillment for high quality work

C. Knowledge Areas

  1. Animation Principles
  2. Specialist Animation Software (Flash, Harmony, etc.)
  3. TDA Prod process
  4. TDA vison, mission, values

D. Education and Work Experience

  1. Animation work experience in TV, movies, commercial, video game production studios, production and/or ad agency
  2. Has worked in a team on time-bounded projects
  3. Diploma or degree in animation, media arts, graphic design, fine arts, architecture or related field

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