When Bidaya Media needed animation production expertise on this breakout hit series from the Middle East, they turned to TDA to sync facial and mouth movements to match the dialogue of the show and present it in both Arabic and English. Additionally, TDA rose to the occasion by upconverting its 2D animation pros to into 3D animators!

Mansour is an animated comedy series about an active, life-loving, 12 year old boy and his adventures with his best friends, Obaid and Salem. Whenever life throws this group of inseparable buddies an opportunity, they grab it with both hands and their everyday lives are made extraordinary through their wonderful adventures. Whether their escapades take place at home, in the mall or at school, or further afield, in the rainforests, pyramids and mountains of distant countries - Mansour and his friends share the same zest for life as they embrace and explore a world full of excitement and opportunity.

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