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Facilities Manager


The Facilities Manager leads a team to deliver Top Draw Animation’s commitment to a safe, secure, and optimal functioning workplace and facilities for its employees and artists.  He/she directly supervises the general services staff and the receptionist.


• Ensures compliance of the Company with all national and local regulations on building and workplace safety & occupational health.

• Maintains space occupancy records and data for studio capacity planning.

• Manages all vendors for the safety, security and maintenance of the facilities and ensures execution of services as contracted.

• Conducts regular facilities maintenance for optimal function.

• Supervises the general services team (reception, janitorial, and messengerial)

• Approves supplies needed for all facilities (digital areas, clinic, meeting rooms, theatre, the Animation Café, etc.)

• Plans and manages minor refurbishments and major constructions.  

• Ensures that all applicable building and government permits, and licenses are in place.  

• Coordinates with the space unit owners/ landlords to ensure service level agreements are executed.

• Leads the emergency evacuation plans in compliance withthe building management’s schedules and procedures.

• Liaises with the building management on building matters such as services issue (lift services, air conditioning, etc.) and notifications of planned and unplanned maintenance works to ensure that TDA is notified and kept up to date.

• Reviews and manages quotations and contracts ofcompetent service providers or vendors.  Negotiates quotations and contracts to optimize delivery and cost savings.

• Ensures that security and emergency preparedness procedures are implemented properly.

• Manages the parking space allocation.

• Approves (based on approval matrix) purchase requests, receives, and examines goods/ services upon delivery/ completion.  Collects and reviews invoices prior to submission to the Finance Department for payment processing.

• Creates and issues memorandums and policies relating to facilities.

• Prepares reports and statistics related to areas of responsibility.

• Performs other duties as assigned.


A. Competencies

• Integrity

• Planning, Leading, Organizing, Controlling

• Vendor management

• Project management

• People management

• Customer Service

• Teamwork

B. Motivational Fit

• Customer focus

• Openness for continued learning (new regulations, technology, tasks, process, etc.)

• Attention to details

• Fulfillment for high quality work

C. Knowledge Areas

• TDA Mission and Vision and Values

• TDA business & operations

• Property Management

• Occupational Safety and Health standards

• Building standards

• Computer literate, able to use Microsoft Office e.g. Word, Excel, Power Point etc.

D. Education & Work Experience

• College graduate

• at least 5 years of leading team/s

• Preferably with property management experience

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