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Accounts Payable Assistant


Accounts Payable (AP) Assistant verifies reference documents for payment and secures required documents and approvals for prior to payment of Suppliers. AP Assistant utilizes Company Accounts Payable system to process, record and reports supplier payable ledger and cash position of TDA. AP Assistant is an essential member of Finance & Accounting department in providing quality service to TDA employees.


• Create and update Vendor Master data in the Accounting System.

• Verify supplier invoice against supporting documents based on Company procedures and regulatory requirements.

• Prepare Accounts Payable and Check Voucher to pay suppliers or employee allowances.

• Prepares Cheques, Payment Forms, upload through banks, based on submitted, verified, and approved documents.

• Conducts the activities of a Petty Cash Custodian.

• Prepare, file, and pay regulatory remittances including but not limited to:

o SSS Contributions and Loans

o HDMF Contributions and Loans

o Philhealth Contributions

• Prepare documents and secure approvals required in the transfer of Dollar to Peso Accounts.

• Prepare and maintain supplier ledger and cash position reports.

• Prepare journal entries, summaries and reports required as part of financial reporting and bookkeeping.

• Collaborate with TDA partners, third party entities and government agencies as applicable in the performance of the activities of an Accounts Payable Assistant.

• Leads response to Business Unit and Supplier inquiries and issues raised related to payment.

• Other activities as needed as an Accounts Payable Assistant of TDA.

• Contracts and Vendor payments Filing


A. Competencies

• Knowledgeable in standard payment procedures and applicable regulatory requirements

• Client Focused and a team player

• Work committed.

• Clerical Knowledge

B. Motivational Fit

• Reliable in timely delivery of expected output

• Accurate, timely and consistent quality work

• Adaptable in flexible work arrangements

• Strong adherence to Company’s Values and Policies

C. Knowledge Areas

• Always updated to mandatory government applicable rules and regulationsapplicable for the industry wherein Top Draw Animation Inc, is included.

• Basic MS Office Excel and Accounting Systems

• Company process (including requirement documents, approvals and authorization, cut-offs, and deadlines)

• Company vision, mission, and values

D. Work Experience

• Has worked in purchase to payable processes (vendor accreditation, canvassing, invoice verification, invoice payment, document maintenanceand bookkeeping).

• Degree in business courses or knowledgeable in mandatory requirements and best practices in Payment process and Cash Controls, preferably Accounting Graduate.

• Basic Accounting and bookkeeping is a plus.

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